We, here in the United States, understand education is the key to the future; it is an investment in the lives of our children. Graduating from high school and then on to college, a trade school or other specialized occupational training is expected from our children.

  • How would you feel as a parent if there was not an educational system available for your children?
  • What if the lack of an education was going to leave them with a life of poverty and begging to survive?
  • Knowing that the longevity of your life was not favorable due to illness and you would not be there for them to help?
  • What if you had to choose between feeding your child ONE meal for the day or sending them to school?
  • Even if there were a school available, the quality of education is so poor that would never qualify to even attend high school let alone a college or university.
  • What if you had no hope?

This is the plight of most developing countries. Their governments will tell you they have a priority on education, but when you travel there and see for yourselves it does not exist; anywhere. This is what we found when we went to Bombo Uganda. It is a point of anguish for the people who live it; it is their reality.

While we were in Bombo in September 2008, we asked a university professor. What is the chance of a child educated in the local Uganda school system to attend college? The professor looked at me and said unless the child has a natural ability and outside tutoring and the family has school fees there is almost no chance for a child to attend higher education. Our education system is very much lacking and the children suffer. Our Country has suffered because our primary education system is so poor.

As we know, education is the primary way to overcome poverty. Giving children an opportunity to become all they can be is a passion and vision of Pastor Alex and Millie at Bombo Pentecostal Church (BPC). AlignMinistries with your help is empowering them by giving them the tools and resources to STOP and break this cycle of poverty and illiteracy.

Their vision is to give all children the opportunity to have a quality primary school education. A quote from Millie, “People bring their kids to Bombo Pentecostal Church school because they expect something superior, something different from us – they may not know it, but that difference is Jesus and a rich education.  Our teachers need to be a class above what exists in the public schools.”

Children who grow up with life skills will make a positive contribution to their families and their communities.  In keeping with Bombo Pentecostal Church’s vision, children’s education is the key for long term success and sustainability for children raised in an impoverished nation.

We continue to see the local church is the most influential source of care and support for the community.  The church is equipped to care for the whole person. BPC in collaboration with partners, such as yourself through Align Ministries, is at the foundation for educational development.  Their program is developed on the knowledge of the child’s unique emotional, spiritual, developmental and physical needs. BPC has become the leading model for growth and development in the Luwero District.

You may be saying, “This is a crazy time for them to be asking for money for a new school.”  The economy is so bad, why now? Again, because God wants us to seize this awesome opportunity that is right before us. God can work in spite of an economic crisis. God goes on working regardless of the climate of the day; education is a huge tool in God’s hand. This is a school that now has a temporary site but is already up and running. It is teaching about Jesus but at the same time is “excelling” academically. It will be sought after by all because of the love, encouragement and hope it gives as well as the academic excellence it provides. We are seeing the church as the hub of everything that goes on in the community and thus shining brightly and being the “beacon of hope” for all.

If you have a heart for educating the next generation and crushing the grip of poverty in Bombo Uganda please consider donating to Align Ministries Bombo Uganda School Building Fund.  Help provide a place where children can learn and excel

When you give, write on your check School Building Fund


Church Plant Needs

Suggested Items:
Chairs: $25 for 5 Chairs
Gift Number: CP-1
Overhead Projector: $500
Gift Number: CP-2
Projector Screen: $200
Gift Number: CP-3
Guitar: $400
Gift Number: CP-4
Keyboard: $1,200
Gift Number: CP-5
Generator: $800
Gift Number: CP-6
Sound/Speaker Equipment: $1,500
Gift Number: CP-7

Share the Cost with your Family or Small Group


Local Relief: When neighbor helps neighbor

It seems everywhere we turn the state of the economy stares us in the face: home foreclosures, lost jobs, closing and bankrupt businesses, bank failures, and political jousting all tell our nation and the world is in the midst of a crisis. And with any crisis come fear and pain … and opportunity.

You certainly are feeling the impact of these uncertain times whether you have personally experienced it or through a loved one who lost a job or a neighbor facing a home loss. The question that often comes to us is, “How best can I help? How can I show God’s love and compassion?” Align Ministries can play a role in assisting you with the desire to give financial assistance to a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or church member, a desire God has certainly placed on your heart.

Through what means or manner can I help? becomes the next question. For a few of us it can be awkward to mail a check, drop off groceries, or place a phone call to someone we think could use some help. For others it might be a question of “What help can I give?” Once you’ve identified someone in need Align Ministries can provide a service for you to deliver some financial relief: We can send the financial assistance for you!

The role Align Ministries can play could serve several purposes: the awkwardness or embarrassment the recipient of aid might feel can be avoided as well as offering you the donor a tax deduction by giving through a non-profit organization; this is essentially no different than when you give through Align Ministries to aid an organization in New Orleans or through a church in Bombo, Uganda. Align Ministries becomes the channel God will use to distribute His blessings to others.

Consider giving to Local Relief even if you don’t have a person or family in mind; we have many families in need and can use a hand-up in this trying and tough financial downturn.

If you know a person or family in need it could look like this: You identify the person or family in need, determine how much you want to give, notify Align Ministries of the recipient, give us a brief description of their circumstances, tell us the best way for them to receive the financial assistance (check made out to them, a grocery card, gas card or department store card), tell us the manner in which you would like the gift delivered (by mail, anonymously or not, through a church, etc,), receive your tax deduction receipt, and sit back and delight that God has blessed you to be a blessing!

Please let us help you with Local Relief and consider giving your financial help through Align Ministries. Please email or call us if you have any questions or want to get started!

You can give right now by clicking on the Donate tab and scroll down to Donate.

This will allow you to give through PayPal a secure source for on-line giving at

Or you can mail a check made out to “Align Ministries” to:

Align Ministries

26 Blakeley, Irvine, CA 92620

Thank You


As with all tax deductible giving Align Ministries has control over the distribution of donated funds. Funds cannot be directed to a specific person. Align Ministries will take all recommended persons and families and evaluate them for the greatest need and distribute donated resources according to the greatest need based on available resources.


Help Eradicate Malaria by Providing Treated Mosquito Nets

Uganda has a population of 31 million and about 35% of the population lives below the poverty line. In rural Uganda, in areas like Bombo, Luwero, Wobulenzi and Kakoge most people live on between $1.00 to $2.00 (USD) per day; that is $30 to $60 per month. So purchasing a treated mosquito net is sometimes a choice between providing food or school fees for their children. We, even in these hard economic times, don’t have to make those hard choices.

From the Uganda Minister of Health on Malaria:

Malaria is endemic throughout the country with 90% of the total population in highly endemic, primarily rural areas. It accounts for 25% of all outpatient attendances in Uganda and 15.4% discounted life years lost due to death from malaria and 12.9 days lost due to absenteeism. The overall cost of malaria in Uganda is estimated at nearly 1% of the Gross Domestic Product. The National Malaria Control Program outlines insecticide treated nets (ITNs) as a key strategy for malaria control. The government has allocated funds to the districts to plan and encourage the use of treated mosquito nets (ITN’s).

It is the Church, not the Government meeting the Needs of the People:

Like education, we hear the government stating how much they are doing, but when we travel we don’t see any evidence that the people who need the treated mosquito nets have received them.

We know malaria is at epidemic proportions. In Bombo we asked everyone we came in contact with and not one person said they never had malaria. From what we found on the ground 100% on the people have had malaria. Malaria is a disease we eradicated in the United States by 1949 (Center for Disease Control).

We have witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of treated mosquito nets in two significant ways in Bombo and in the Luwero District.

1.      Where treated mosquito nets have been distributed rates of malaria have drastically been reduced.

2.      Christ is getting the glory because the treated mosquito nets you help provide are distributed by the local church.

People are coming to church because the church loved them enough to care about their physical needs. When they come they hear, many for the first time, about the love of Jesus and the hope they have for eternity.

Through your generous donations we have been able to distribute over 2,000 treated mosquito nets through Bombo Pentecostal Church, but we need to distribute more.

If you have a heart for the spiritually lost and those affected by a disease that has been eradicated here for the last six decades, please consider giving to the Malaria Fund.

When you give, simple write on your check Malaria and 100% of your donation will go to providingtreated mosquito nets to those in Bombo and the Luwero District with a treated mosquito net.



Life With Hope is an Align Ministries supported ministry through Bombo Pentecostal Church, Pastor Alex Ojera and his wife Millie.

Life With Hope is a ministry that reaches out mostly to people who are HIV+ and struggling grossly with this disease. We also reach out to those who are sufferering from poverty, and other dibilitating diseases and circumstances that leave them powerless to make a change in their lives.

We call these people clients. Most of our clients have HIV which has turned into full blow AIDS. Life With Hope come’s alongside them and gives food and medical care on a regular basis. We also provide their children with an education at Donela School. Most of all we share with them the love of Jesus Christ and the hope there is in Him. We know that no matter what we do many of these clients will lose their battle with this disease. They need to know that their is hope for eterniy. To also have the peace of mind that Life With Hope and the church will be there for their children they leave behind. They need to KNOW that Jesus is their healer and life giver and they must look to Him not us. He is their comforter and their refuge for all that they are going through as they battle this horrific disease.

Many of our clients, in spite of their disease, have become strong and healthy enough to earn a living to support their family. At this point we help them to start up a business or trade so they can move to self sustainabilty. Once they become self sustaining we use their support to help another family who is in need. A quote from Millie Ojera, “Many who would have been dead today are alive and vibrant, raising their families.” These children would have been added to the staggering statistics of the orphans in Africa. We must be about prevention and helping these parents or caretakers stay alive at least long enough to raise these children to an age of independance, how many orphanages can we build??


How Your Donations Are Used
OUR SPONSORSHIPS ARE DIFFERENT. At Align Ministries we work through the local church so that they become the beacon of hope as they reach out to the community around them. Everything we do is to lift up Jesus and the hope He gives to those who put their life and trust in Him.

When you become a sponsor with Align Ministries, you do not have direct personal contact with the child or family you sponsor. However, you are encouraged to communicate with the Pastors in Bombo, Wobulenzi, Luwero and Kakogee in Uganda that oversee Life With Hope in those communities.

• ALL sponsorship funds are directed through the local Church. In Uganda it is Bombo Pentecostal Church, Pastor Alex and Millie Ojera
• The people look to the local Church and Jesus, not from a person in America
• This empowers the Church to share Christ and become real and tangible to the community
• The Church can then direct them in their walk with the Lord and in moving them to sustainability
• The people will then look to the Church for guidance, prayer and support
• The Church is there all the time, we are not
• The Church becomes the beacon of hope in the community – a light that shines in the darkness

Two ways to give a tax-deductible gift:
1. Send a check to Align Ministries
2. Donate online with PayPal:

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