Life Home Dedication

Sunday, June 23, 2013

After services we got to watch the launch of the very first life home. Alex and Millie have a ministry called Life With Hope where they are able to support local families affected by HIV/AIDS with access to medical care, food and schooling. Through this support many of them have seen life changing hope! They have been on the brink of death only to find life. All too often they come across children whose parents have died or abandoned them living alone. There are situations where bringing support to the family is just not enough. The kids need to be cared for in a loving safe environment. So they launched Life Homes. Their vision is to build a community of homes (a neighborhood) where they can bring in the children with the worst circumstances to be loved and cared for by a house mother. They receive schooling and food and love. The first home was opened and 9 little children are no longer orphans. Amen!

This church is changing the world!

You can be a part of this ministry. We need your prayers and support. If you are so lead you can sponsor a child, family or a Life Home by going clicking here

Life Home Celebration

Sunday,June 23, 2013

Kim, Michelle, Elaine and Barbara get the spirit and dance during the dedication of the Life Home.
Great fun, incredible worship and transformed lives.

Caden Preaches at Bombo Pentecostal Church

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pastor Alex Ojera introduces our team to the Bombo Pentecostal Church congregation. He invites Caden to say a few words. Caden in eloquent form greets the congregation. After a few minutes, Pastor Alex says, I thought it was dangerous to give a mic to an African pastor … little did I know the same is with a 10 year old from America.

Caden was a “rock star” on this trip. He connected so well with all of the kids and with the adults also. His life is forever changed, along with his parents, Aaron and Michelle Herr. His Grandparents are pretty proud of him.

Bombo and Beyond

June 23, 2013
The past two days we have spent in Bombo at the church and school. Sunday we went to church and saw a group of people worship with total joy and abandon. If worship can be defended by responding to all that God is, with all that you are, that’s what they did. What a joy it was to worship with them.

One of the best parts of the day was joining the children’s in their classroom. Not unlike our church the K-5th graders all met together in the same room. There was one child who used the back of a bookcase to make a drum and these kids sang and danced. There was so much energy in the room!

Oliochia – hello from Uganda

June 22, 2013

4 airports, 4 countries, 3 planes, 3 times zones, 1 bus, and too many hours to count later we have arrived safely in Uganda! We were pleasantly surprised to be greeted at the airport by the whole Ojera family, Alex, Millie, Jeremiah, Isaac and Esther. We ate lunch in Kampala before driving to our guest house. Tonight at dinner we had a great time of sharing about our expectations and fears going into the next week here. God has already shown up in amazing ways through a fast bonding of our team.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we begin our day with church services at Bombo Pentacostal. As Barb put it, we get to see God move through a different side of the prism. We are all so excited to experience worship with our friends here!

Picture show Caden Herr reunited with Jeremiah, Esther and Isaac Ojera

We had hoped to post daily, but were not able to

Sorry we were not able to post daily during our amazing trip.
The trip was beyond our expectations, the team connected from the first day of training.
Our connection with Pastor Alex and Millie Ojera and the Bombo Churches was great.
We also connected with Mavuno Church, Kampala… after a few hours we were all one – in Christ.

Kim Alexander was able to make a few posts on the Mariners Church Mission Viejo Uganda Blog.
Check out what she posted at

We will be posting the highlights of our trip here. Stay Tuned and thank you for your understanding and patience.
Internet was sometimes available, but always extremely slow. So when a few folks got on it almost stopped.

Excited to share with you what you helped to become a reality and a new journey for Bombo and beyond.