Life Home 2 – Up and Running

On February 8, we welcomed 10 children into our second Life Home. It was such a blessing this weekend to get to visit them in their new home and see how they are adjusting. The above picture says it all! From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, the smiles on their faces never faded. It amazed me to see the joy that these kids have, when a little over 2 weeks ago, they arrived at the home with the clothes on their back and very little else. Also, to see the family bond that is already developing between these children and their house mamas as they begin to live life together is so special.

Each of the children in the home received one of the stuffed bears, that were brought by a team last summer,  when they arrived at the home and they each were very excited and proud to show these off. For those of them that were not carrying these around the house , they had them placed nicely on their beds next to their pillows. While it seems like a very simple thing, most of these children have never had something like this to call their own.

While the children are adjusting well, many of these children have very little in terms of clothing, except their Donela school uniform. Even then, the kids do not complain because honestly, they do not know any different. As I talked with the older children in the home, they shared with me all of the things that they loved about being in the home, such as having a nice bed and blanket (that is their own), getting to eat supper every night, and being surrounded by people that love them (referring to the house staff as well as the members of Bombo Pentecostal Church and Donela school). I so look forward to sharing individual stories about these kids and how God is using BPC and these Life Homes to transform their lives.

Please join us in prayer as we continue to invest in the lives of these children. If you are so lead you can sponsor a child, family or a Life Home by clicking here.