Loving The Way Jesus Does

Yesterday, my husband asked me, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could truly love the way Jesus does? Although I know that we fall short ALL the time, I love when I get the opportunity to love the way Jesus does even it is only for a moment. Today I had that opportunity.

One of the projects that Align supports here in Uganda are the Life Homes. This morning when I reached the school, I was informed that one of the kids in the Life Home had a REALLY bad weekend. This is a kid who was brought to the home because of severe abuse. He is only 8 years old and has such a tough exterior, but inside he is totally broken. I have really been trying to break down some of those walls, just by simply getting him to trust me and today there was a break through. When I went up to his class to check on him, I found him sitting in his chair with his head looking towards the ground, just completely defeated. I went up to him and asked him how he was doing, but he didn’t even look up. I then knelt down next to him and gave him the biggest hug I could manage and just whispered to him “I just want you to know that I love you”. When I let go I looked at his face and there were tears rolling down his cheeks.

I then asked the teacher if I could take him out of class and I took him down to the Life Home, where he feels safe, and we just talked. Not about the bad weekend, not about the past, but of God’s love. I was able to just speak to him about the way he is loved by Jesus and that nothing he can do will make Jesus love him less. When I ran out of words to say, I just began to pray. This was an emotional prayer for both of us. He leaned against me and cried, not just a few tears, the messy kind and for a moment I knew exactly how Jesus feels about him. My heart broke, but was so encouraged that he trusted me, and through that I was able to really share God’s love with him.

After a few moments to compose ourselves, he went back to class and I saw him throughout the day, not with his head down, but lifted high and smiling.

While I know that loving like Jesus is impossible for us to do full time, I love that the Life Homes are allowing these kids to really experience God’s love and finally feel safe, many of them for the first time. If you are so lead you can sponsor a Life Home or a child by clicking here