Send An Email To Your Sponsored Child(ren) – Here’s How

To connect/correspond with your child(ren), please go to and login using the username and password you created when you sponsored the children.  Once you access your profile page, you will have the ability to write them a special note.  Click the  SEND MESSAGE link on the upper right hand corner of your child’s story and the email account linked to your computer will pop up.   From there, simply type out a special message and click  SEND.  Please be patient as you wait for a response.  The internet access in the areas we work in is very limited.  Once your message is submitted, a response usually takes 4-6 weeks.

Please Note:  As I’m sure you remember, we partner with local churches in Uganda who oversee the care of the children. They provide food/tuition/care distribution and do not let the individuals being sponsored know that the money is coming from a sponsor.  This encourages the individual to stay connected with the church community where they can receive the emotional and spiritual healing they desperately need in conjunction with the physical care they receive from your donation.  When composing your email, please keep this in mind.  Prayers, words of encouragement, letting them know how special they are, etc. are always a good way to go!

Women Empowering Women – The ReDot Collection

ReDot is not just another fashion enterprise, but a powerful movement to affect real change.
Life with Hope was birthed years ago through the partnership of Align Ministries and Life with Hope Ministry as a simple way to support women affected by HIV/AIDS and devastating poverty who lacked the strength for physical labor in order to earn a living.
Align Ministries is a non-profit organization based out of Orange County, CA, committed to restoring hope to the hopeless through the love of Jesus Christ.
Life with Hope (LWH) is a ministry within Bombo Pentacostal Church (BPC), a local Ugandan church, dedicated to fulfill the daunting vision of bringing hope to generations of people suffering from the effects of HIV/AIDS.
Life with Hope has worked directly with Align in order to offer tangible support as the hands and feet of Christ. Since partnering, hundreds of individuals facing extreme poverty have found hope through the support of sponsors here in the U. S. and several mother/fatherless children have even found a safe and loving place to call home. was formed as a way to create a means for hard working women to earn a living wage, but more importantly, to regain their integrity as strong, independent women with a purpose.
You can learn more about the incredible transformation happening within some of the most impoverished Ugandan communities through the partnership of LWH and Align Ministries by visiting Align Ministries
Visit and change a life through the purchase of Ugandan hand crafted jewelry

Love Does

“God usually chooses ordinary people like us to get things done.
As sit and think it becomes clear that we need to stop plotting the course and instead just land the plane on our plans to make a difference by getting to the “do” part of faith. That’s because love is never stationary. In the end, love doesn’t just keep thinking about it or keep planning for it. Simply put: love does.”

Excerpt From: Goff, Bob. “Love Does.” Thomas Nelson, 2012-03-23. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

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The Year 2014 from Pastor’s Patrick & Agnes Kabugo, Kakooge Uganda

Align Ministries has left behind a trail of transformed lives. By the help of God, children who were abandoned and left to navigate life on their own have received help.
You have brought hope to children coming from abusive and broken families.
God has used you to bring healing in our communities.The most of the most hopeless have been filled with hope.Lives shattered by the deadly epidemic of HIV Aids have been made whole as they wake up every morning knowing some body our there cares.
Lives that had lost the ability to dream have turned into some thing budding with life and hope.
Hearts that have been downed and reduced to ashes are flooded with a fresh pouring of the love of God.The world had told many there is no hope,just give up.
They were crushed underneath an army of the fear of tomorrow.
You have enabled the church to proclaim and demonstrate the loving Power of th love of God to those that Hurting,lost poor,rejected and abused.
THANKS TO EVERY ONE who has enabled this to happen.
May the ALMIGHTY GOD rain down a freshness of his spirit in your hearts the year 2015 as he meets all your hearts desire and bring healing to wound that human eyes can’t see.
From Patrick and Agnes, Kakooge Uganda