Send An Email To Your Sponsored Child(ren) – Here’s How

To connect/correspond with your child(ren), please go to and login using the username and password you created when you sponsored the children.  Once you access your profile page, you will have the ability to write them a special note.  Click the  SEND MESSAGE link on the upper right hand corner of your child’s story and the email account linked to your computer will pop up.   From there, simply type out a special message and click  SEND.  Please be patient as you wait for a response.  The internet access in the areas we work in is very limited.  Once your message is submitted, a response usually takes 4-6 weeks.

Please Note:  As I’m sure you remember, we partner with local churches in Uganda who oversee the care of the children. They provide food/tuition/care distribution and do not let the individuals being sponsored know that the money is coming from a sponsor.  This encourages the individual to stay connected with the church community where they can receive the emotional and spiritual healing they desperately need in conjunction with the physical care they receive from your donation.  When composing your email, please keep this in mind.  Prayers, words of encouragement, letting them know how special they are, etc. are always a good way to go!

Women Empowering Women – The ReDot Collection

ReDot is not just another fashion enterprise, but a powerful movement to affect real change.
Life with Hope was birthed years ago through the partnership of Align Ministries and Life with Hope Ministry as a simple way to support women affected by HIV/AIDS and devastating poverty who lacked the strength for physical labor in order to earn a living.
Align Ministries is a non-profit organization based out of Orange County, CA, committed to restoring hope to the hopeless through the love of Jesus Christ.
Life with Hope (LWH) is a ministry within Bombo Pentacostal Church (BPC), a local Ugandan church, dedicated to fulfill the daunting vision of bringing hope to generations of people suffering from the effects of HIV/AIDS.
Life with Hope has worked directly with Align in order to offer tangible support as the hands and feet of Christ. Since partnering, hundreds of individuals facing extreme poverty have found hope through the support of sponsors here in the U. S. and several mother/fatherless children have even found a safe and loving place to call home. was formed as a way to create a means for hard working women to earn a living wage, but more importantly, to regain their integrity as strong, independent women with a purpose.
You can learn more about the incredible transformation happening within some of the most impoverished Ugandan communities through the partnership of LWH and Align Ministries by visiting Align Ministries
Visit and change a life through the purchase of Ugandan hand crafted jewelry

Love Does

“God usually chooses ordinary people like us to get things done.
As sit and think it becomes clear that we need to stop plotting the course and instead just land the plane on our plans to make a difference by getting to the “do” part of faith. That’s because love is never stationary. In the end, love doesn’t just keep thinking about it or keep planning for it. Simply put: love does.”

Excerpt From: Goff, Bob. “Love Does.” Thomas Nelson, 2012-03-23. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

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The Year 2014 from Pastor’s Patrick & Agnes Kabugo, Kakooge Uganda

Align Ministries has left behind a trail of transformed lives. By the help of God, children who were abandoned and left to navigate life on their own have received help.
You have brought hope to children coming from abusive and broken families.
God has used you to bring healing in our communities.The most of the most hopeless have been filled with hope.Lives shattered by the deadly epidemic of HIV Aids have been made whole as they wake up every morning knowing some body our there cares.
Lives that had lost the ability to dream have turned into some thing budding with life and hope.
Hearts that have been downed and reduced to ashes are flooded with a fresh pouring of the love of God.The world had told many there is no hope,just give up.
They were crushed underneath an army of the fear of tomorrow.
You have enabled the church to proclaim and demonstrate the loving Power of th love of God to those that Hurting,lost poor,rejected and abused.
THANKS TO EVERY ONE who has enabled this to happen.
May the ALMIGHTY GOD rain down a freshness of his spirit in your hearts the year 2015 as he meets all your hearts desire and bring healing to wound that human eyes can’t see.
From Patrick and Agnes, Kakooge Uganda

Uganda Inspiration – Sponsor A Child

By Melissa Macaya-Ponikvar

I first heard about Align Ministries a year ago and remember thinking what a wonderful ministry it was. During the Mariner’s Mission Viejo Outreach campaign last November 2013, my husband Brian and I assisted in passing out to our church community Thanksgiving food bags and child Christmas gift sponsorship cards for less fortunate families. We were stationed across from the Align Ministries table. In between passing out bags & cards we had the opportunity to speak with Elaine Herr and Erica Estrella and learn more about the amazing ministry. The more I learned the more my interest piqued. By the end of the 11AM rush we were able to visit the table and look at the many faces of the children and adults needing our support. My heart was captivated by the many stories of children and adults in need. We selected a darling 9-year old boy with a radiant smile named Derrick. Derrick’s parents had both died of HIV/AIDS and he was living in severe poverty with an elderly woman who had taken him in. We were also drawn to a 51-year-old man named Disan, who was suffering from cancer and, in addition to living alone, had no family and lived in major poverty.

I had so many questions about the children, widows and individuals needing sponsorship and ministry in general. Dozens of ideas rushed through my mind of ways that we could help change the lives of these impoverished people. As soon as we got home I got on the Align Ministry website ( and made it official by linking to the Sponsor A Child page at I looked at the pictures and read the profiles of just about every child and adult on the website. I couldn’t believe the need and desperation that so many endured in this day and age. I printed out the pictures of our two new family members and posted them on our refrigerator so that we could keep them close in our thoughts and prayers. My husband, Brian, and I discussed the importance of our sponsorships. We committed, with God’s grace, to support Derrick through high school and even college, if he desired to attend, in order to support him until he was able to support himself. We weren’t exactly sure about Disan’s future due to the severity of his illness but we likewise committed to supporting him as long as he needed assistance. Disan passed away to be with our Lord on March 1, 2014. While we were sadden, we were also overjoyed that Disan is now pain free and healthy in the presence of Jesus. We were able to sponsor Shadia Namuli from Kakooge Uganda.

Over the next several days I saw the heart-warming faces of Derrick, Shadia and remember Disan as we prayed for them and talked about them with family and friends. Each time I reached to grab something from the refrigerator I was reminded that my husband and I were blessed with all of the food that we could want and that Derrick and Shadia underwent hunger daily. As the days passed I found myself feeling a deep sadness and an uneasy spirit. How could we be so blessed and how could these two sons of God be going hungry and living in such poverty? It just didn’t seem fair. What difference could our prayers and two sponsorships make?

Each month I received updates about how God was working through Align Ministries (growing sponsorships, Life Homes being built, school desks and chairs donated, playgrounds built, etc.). I eagerly read each newsletter from start to finish. We learned how Align Ministries was founded and how God’s love and hope were impacting the sick and impoverished people of Uganda. Once again, I found myself inspired to get more involved. I attended a Align Ministries meeting and God undoubtedly stirred my soul. I feel led to participate in a mission trip in June 2014 and my desire to be God’s hands and feet to spread his love, encouragement and message of hope to His beloved people in Uganda. I want to help make a difference.

The sponsorships not only change the lives of the people we help, they also change us. By embracing these children and widows and making them a part of OUR families, by praying for them daily, by including them in our regular conversations, by setting aside sponsorship funds each month and by genuinely creating a place in our hearts for them, we are receiving a beautiful gift. We are blessed by the opportunity to be extensions of Jesus Christ…His hands and feet here today… loving and caring for His cherished people! God has changed my life forever by going to Uganda and through sponsoring Disan Kigudde who died 3/1/14, Derrick Lubega and Shadia Namuli.

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Don’t wait for tomorrow, when a child needs you today. Make a difference in a childs life now and for eternity. Sponsor a Child.

Glava Family Transformed Through Sponsor A Child

2013 was a year of tremendous change, challenge and growth in our family.  My husband owns his own business and it was faced with the most challenging year it had ever seen.  We found ourselves at times trying to make ends meet, would we pay electricity or would be pay for groceries, it was a place we had not been before together, but it was a place that I had been as a teenager when I found myself without a home.  It was place that scared me, and a place that I would try and muscle my way out of, and most often times I was successful at it, but God had a bigger plan.

Our overall giving to our church had always been pretty inconsistent, it was always easier to give when the money was readily available.   But during this difficult time I really felt God tugging at us to give even when we didn’t have it, because for him its about more than the dollars, it’s what he wants to do in us and through us.  As we started to give consistently I found myself released of the fear that I have had since I was a child of not having enough money, and that he would always provide for us, and he blessed me through that change and challenge.  Right around this transformation I had expressed to my husband that I felt like there was something more we needed to do, more to give.

The holidays were approaching and like so many others we knew that this was going to be a different holiday, but when we saw the ultimate way to give that little more we had been seeking, we knew that was going to be the blessing of our Christmas. That very Sunday at church was when we received the blessing of whom we call in our family “My Tracy”.  As we heard about the opportunity to be a part of a child’s life during the message, my husband and I just looked at each other and said YES, this is it.!   We hurried out to the patio with our kids and as a family we decided together that Tracy Nakamoga from Kakooge Uganda was now part of the Glava family.

I love knowing that Tracy is being cared for and I hope we have been a blessing to her, but truly what she has done for my family, has blessed us beyond measure.  She has changed our hearts, she has made us more grateful for the everyday things, she keeps us centered.  It has changed my children most.  They talk about Tracy to their friends, they carry her picture around, they think of her when it is raining and ask, “Mama, do you think Tracy will have shelter tonite?”

Many people ask us, how long do you intend to sponsor Tracy, and I have never looked at this as a temporary option, my children aren’t temporary, why would she be?  It would be as if one day I said to my children, we aren’t going to care for you anymore.  These children that are given these gifts, should never have them taken away.  The pain and suffering that they have seen in their lifetime is more then I could probably imagine, and the Lord has called our family to be light in darkness, and we chose on that very day, that Tracy was a part of our family, and for as long as she is needing it, God will provide through us.

We hope to meet our Tracy one day and let this sweet girl know how much she is loved by her Glava family!!!!

Written by Jennifer Glava

Image 13      1488946_10202717179634835_190488299_n

Help Transform a life in Uganda as well as you and your family. Go to our Sponsor A Child page above or link to

Make a difference now and for eternity … Sponsor A Child

Uganda Faith Adventure

Forever Changed

Just a few weeks ago, a plane touched down in LAX just in time for the group of people on board to sleep through the 4th of July. Completely taxed, yet equally exhilarated, this team came back to the US from a two week Faith Adventure in Uganda, Africa. The plane was very similar to the one they traveled in to Uganda, the airport looked comfortingly familiar, the stores and food recognizable, but the people that got off that plane were forever changed.

We were so blessed to see the fruits of the labor from so many people dedicated to pursuing incredible change in God’s name. We visited the site of the new Kakooge School that is going to bless hundreds of children in the community, largely in part due to the sacrificial giving of countless people from Mariners Mission Viejo. We were able to see, touch and love on so many sponsored children. It was awe inspiring to hear the stories of the trauma these kids have faced and to witness God’s power of restoration as we looked into their eyes filled with hope and faces full of joy. We even got the privilege to deliver boxes of school supplies and toothbrushes given through the generosity of friends, families, small business and the congregation of Bay Cities Church.

In reflecting back, however, the most powerful experiences weren’t just in what we saw and took part in, but in what God did inside and between each one of us. I truly believe this team was granted God’s favor and each person chosen for their unique gifts. The bonds created will be long lasting, for we are no longer a team, but a family.



When Ugandans believe their only option is to look to God, and they do, He shows up very large. When we, Americans, look to all our other resources, our experience and view of God is very small.



Our all mighty Father is a God of FAITHFULNESS, DELIVERANCE and MIRACLES! God is with us always, fills us with hope and is so very alive and performing miracles within us and all around us still today!


Don W.

So, you all know that hard, calcified arteries and hearts are bad things. I know too. I’ve seen hundreds of them. But what about our spiritual hearts? Do they get hard from a bad diet, bad genes, or the environment? Mine didn’t. Mine got hard from a willingness to look the other way.In Uganda I decided to take a chance and really look. It didn’t take long. I saw the thirsty, the homeless, and those in need of clothes… even more horrible things with each day. Wait, that sounds a lot like what Jesus talked about in Matthew 25, the “unto the least of these” story. Yes, the things that break God’s heart broke mine too. But you know what, my heart has never felt better.



Gentle in countenance but mighty in Spirit


Don T.

Great team, great trip, insightful and encouraging.


Don & Elaine

Committed to being courageous in what God has called us to and continuing to look to Him as He equips us to Refine Excellence.



Love these kids boldly and courageously, being open to wherever that may lead me.



Having spiritual gifts means nothing if they aren’t used to complete God’s work and show people His love.



This is what fearless love looks like; it’s not just about the words, but the actions.



Humble in spirit, but ferociously committed to making a difference in the lives of these children.



Overwhelmed with a heart of joy; to God be the glory!



Wholeheartedly pursuing God’s will, stepping into places where it is essential to have full reliance on God.



Not paralyzed by heartache and pain, but propelled even faster into the arms of our Heavenly Father, ready to do His will.



Dedicated to giving these kids the most important thing of all…love!



So young, but proving that having an incredible faith has nothing to do with age.

My Trip To Uganda – Jane Hughes

“So difficult to put into words what my trip to Uganda meant to me….incredible, wonderful people from my team, the Muvano team in Kampala who joined us and all the Ugandan people, who we were so richly blessed by…..their love and joy, their team work, their simple life, their music, their ‘riches’..but not the same riches we know and most importantly their love for the Lord. Every day was unique and rewarding and I’ll never forget everyone who touched my life. Visiting the churches/schools, part of our team, building tippy-taps, teaching hygiene, working on the Life Homes, visiting our sponsored children, village outreach and fellowship. It was incredible to see the love and joy on the children who have so little, but are grateful for 2 meals/day, a couple clothes to wear and an education. Yet it was also extremely emotional and heartbreaking to see those who didn’t have the benefit of any of those things. And after the past week or so processing this trip, I’m still amazed at how God works thing….. we go to serve, but it is always blesses us, far, far more. For that I am so grateful! Our God is a mighty God!! Hope these pictures can express what my words can’t….Thanks for those who took this journey with me, for all your love, support and prayer!”

Jane Hughes

A Day In Kakooge

We had a great day in Kakooge, about 30 miles north of Bombo. Pastor Patrick and Agnes are so involved and connected with their community it is awe inspiring. God is blessing our team and the students and teachers as they train on the importance of hand washing and hygiene to reduce the spread of illnesses while part of the team constructs “Tippy Taps” stations (for hand washing) near the latrines.
Jessica, Cassaundra, Jane and Don W. did an amazing job making the training fun and interactive. We even had a visit from Brian “the clown”. It was so much fun watching the children involved and laughing.

Don Herr
Align Ministries

Oli Otiya, Greetings from Wobulenzi Uganda


We had a great day at Wobulenzi Pentecostal Church and Wobulenzi Donela School. Again greeted in the usual Ugandan fashion, making us all feel like we are some sort of important people. We need to learn from them as they roll out the stops and make us the center point. We had and opportunity to visit the kids at Donela School during their class time. Wobulenzi is over crowded and lacking in space needs. With that said, they do an amazing job at teaching and training these children. Here in the picture are kids from the pre-school class reciting the alpha bet using the sounds and hand gestures from Zoo-Phonics. Thank you Char Wrighton from Zoo-Phonics. Zoo-Phonics has these kids reading in pre-school. Truly awesome. Don Herr Align Ministries FB: